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How will Professional Indemnity protect a personal trainer?

Fundamentally people hire a personal trainer to act as a professional advisor on their fitness regime. Through the drills and routines they set for their customers, the end goal, whether it be strength training or weight loss, can be attained.

However, it’s not always that straightforward. Injuries can occur and on rare occasions relationships between clients and customers can grow fractious.

For example, a client may feel that a particular personal training session has left them with an injury. If they believe that it was the fault of the trainer, they may go on to sue.

The trainer, on the other hand, may disagree. They may believe that any injury has come about because of the client’s failure to execute an exercise properly.

Whether the blame truly lies with the professional or not, they will still need to defend themselves if their client sues.

That is where Professional Indemnity comes into play.

The costs of defending such a claim can soon stack up. Furthermore, the financial implications can become even more severe should the court side with the client.

When a personal trainer takes out a policy with Protectivity Insurance, the level of Personal Liability cover is matched by our Professional Indemnity cover.

This means that legal costs are covered should a client claim negligence on the trainer’s part which results in injury. That includes any damages that may ensue should the court rule that the trainer was in fact to blame.

Professional Indemnity is just one of the benefits of ensuring you have comprehensive personal trainer insurance.