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Terms and Condition’s

Terms and Conditions

Insure Safe Advisors CC strives to protect the privacy of all of its clients and aims to uphold a code of ethics that encompasses values such as honesty, trust, respect, integrity, loyalty and responsibility. Insure Safe Advisors CC therefore upholds the above virtues when dealing with clients’ personal information. In performing its ordinary course of services Insure Safe Advisors CC may collect, use and disclose personal information to third parties for insurance purposes only. This personal information will only be obtained based on client consent and will be lawfully protected as far as reasonably possible. Insure Safe Advisors CC undertakes to adhere to the Protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 (POPIA). The privacy statement as contained below will detail the type of personal information that may be obtained and distributed for insurance purposes only.

Privacy Policy

Client information is collected and handled in strict confidence and in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act. Client information is obtained and used solely for insurance purposes. Client information may be distributed to third parties such as insurers and underwriters for insurance purposes only. Insurance purposes include but are not limited to obtaining insurance quotations, policy schedules, performing credit checks, viewing claims history and/or storing the following information – documents such as but not limited to driver’s licences, identification documents, company registration documents, vehicle registration documents, completed insurance questionnaires, quotation schedules, policy schedules and financial details or agreements as well as any other relevant information that is connected to any of the above. All information is voluntarily provided by the client via signed consent or signed acceptance. The client therefore agrees to the terms and conditions as well as privacy policy that enable Insure Safe Advisors CC to carry out their services in the ordinary course of their business.

Protection of Personal Information

Insure Safe Advisors CC adheres to a strict policy of privacy and confidentiality. Insure Safe Advisors CC therefore engages the services of a third party in order to protect the aforementioned client information. The protection of the aforementioned client information is premised upon security measures which involves storing the information in the cloud on a separate network server. The aforementioned network server limits access and further secures the information. The information is protected by third party firewalls, passwords, encryptions and anti-virus software. This service is paid for by Insure Safe Advisors CC in order to ensure that all client information is protected as best as reasonably possible. All information obtained by Insure Safe Advisors CC by means of meetings, website service, email, message, and/or any other form of physical or electronic acquisition will be retained for a duration in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of South Africa, specifically those contained within the Protection of Personal Information Act. Such duration may therefore surpass the date of termination of relationship between the client and Insure Safe Advisors CC in order to fulfil legal obligations and/or fulfil the initial purpose that the information was obtained for.

The Client’s Rights in Respect to their Personal Information

All clients have the right to contact Insure Safe Advisors CC in order to request that Insure Safe Advisors CC confirms storage of their personal information, state what personal information is on record and provide the client with their requested personal information in question. Insure Safe Advisors CC will correct personal information on the instruction of the client if such personal information is incorrect, inaccurate, misleading or has changed in any way. Insure Safe Advisors CC however takes precautions to avoid fraudulent activity and will therefore require the client to satisfactorily confirm their identity through identification documentation and/or other reliable means of verification of identity that Insure Safe Advisors CC deems sufficient before Insure Safe Advisors CC will present any information to the natural or juristic person in question.

Updating of Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions

Insure Safe Advisors CC reserves the right to modify, develop, or delete content on its Website Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions with or without notice. The Website Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions displayed at the time of viewing is deemed in effect but may be subject to change. The client therefore agrees to undertake to review the Website Privacy Statement whenever they visit the Website.


While Insure Safe Advisors CC endeavours to provide efficient, methodical and reliable service, neither Insure Sade Advisors CC nor its employees will be held liable for any loss or damage of any nature caused by or in correlation with:

1. circumstances that are out of the control of Insure Safe Advisors CC including but not limited to breakdown or interruption caused by or experienced by third parties, external service providers as well as any correlating software or system related failures or delays;

2. breach of privacy, confidentiality, security and/or any infringement of intellectual property rights by any natural or juristic person;

3. loss, damage, destruction, theft, or corruption of any data, information or content accessible from this website or stored therein whether such loss was consequential or indirect and whether such damage was foreseeable or not. Insure Safe Advisors CC does not receive any direct funds from the client and therefore cannot be held liable for monetary losses or discrepancies of any nature whatsoever.

4. failure by a current or prospective client to maintain the confidentiality of their own personal username and/or password.

5. cyber attacks from any third parties including but not limited to hacking, viruses of any nature and/or any other malicious software designed to cause damage to a computer, server, client, or computer network. This includes malware that is aimed at intercepting, exploiting or extorting software programmes, systems, data or personal information;

6. neglect or non-adherence to any terms, conditions or policies connected to the usage of this website and the subsequent correlating services thereof.

7. the client providing false or misleading information;

8. any lawful, legal or logical act or omission by Insure Safe Advisors CC, it’s employees and/or service providers in correlation with maintaining, aiding or developing this website and/or otherwise protecting the interests of Insure Safe Advisors CC, their employees, clients and/or visitors. These interests include but are not limited to the protection of reputation and information as well as the maintenance of privacy and confidentiality.